James of Glencarr - 1998 - 2023

Welcome to our family website. Like many families in the British Isles we have a bond with the ancient people of these islands. It has been clearly proven through the wonders of genetic research, that 80% of the British people are directly descended from those who settled in these lands after the last ice age, some 10,000 years ago and the Bronze Age 'Beaker People', whose culture was represented across Western Europe.

We may these days be separated by a modern veneer of cultural difference, accent and language, but we all have those same ancient people as our progenitors. I would imagine there are not many people in the British Isles today who do not have forebears from all the nations that now make up these beautiful islands, which until around 8,000 years ago were still joined to continental Europe by a land bridge.

We ourselves trace our more recent roots to Northumberland, Suffolk, the Scottish Borders, the Highlands of Scotland, and Ireland.

The views expressed on this website are our own and may not always tally with those held by others. I hope you enjoy your visit to our little corner of the Web, and find it an interesting experience.