On this bloody field fell the brave men of the Clans

At the 250th anniversary of Culloden, there was a large event and re-enactment held. At this event certain clan chiefs appeared whose ancestors fought for the Jacobite cause. Their ancestors were also responsible for the eviction of the descendents of clansmen who bled for them at Culloden. Clansmen whom they cold heartedly replaced with thousands of sheep in the interests of 'improvement' and profit. So much for ancient tradition of clan loyalty and a sense of paternal duty to ones people, which after Culloden became a tenuous thread indeed.

I have read on a certain clan chiefs website a long tract about how one should address a Chief, what an ordinary clansman can and cannot do, what symbols he can and cannot use. How they wear the Chiefs tartan and how the Chief can decide whom they will allow to be a member of the clan, regardless of the direct blood links. 

There are of course matters of protocol in all associations, but have these clan chiefs forgotten a little matter of the Highland Clearances and their forebears part in them, and the fact that the world has moved on a bit since 1746? Feudalism and its cap doffing has gone, it has no place in the modern world.

As individuals we are all deserving of respect and as is said in the army, 'rank is given but respect is earned'. That is a very good philosophy for life generally, no matter what titles one may have been gifted or inherited. Fortunately, there are modern clan associations around, who fully embrace those new sentiments and genuinely embrace those of the Clan surname from all walks of life.

Culloden 05 600x800.JPG (138626 bytes) Culloden 03 600x800.JPG (245339 bytes) Culloden 07 600x800.JPG (165810 bytes)
The Memorial Cairn The Plaque on the Cairn The Memorial Cairn
Culloden 16 600x800.JPG (155601 bytes) Culloden 19 600x800.JPG (159706 bytes) Culoden 18 600x800.JPG (133163 bytes)
The Hanoverian Line indicated by the red flags The Hanoverian Line indicated by the red flags The Hanoverian Line indicated by the red flags
Culloden 06 600x800.JPG (282496 bytes) Culloden 08 600x800.JPG (268603 bytes) Culloden 11 600x800.JPG (187309 bytes)
Well of the Dead - where fell the Chief of the MacGillivray's Mass grave of the Mixed Clans Another mass grave of the Mixed Clans
Culloden 12 600x800.JPG (245080 bytes) Culloden 13 600x800.JPG (252073 bytes) Culloden 14 600x800.JPG (236408 bytes)
The mass grave of Clan MacKintosh The mass grave of Clan MacGillivray Mass grave of the Clan's MacGillivray, MacLean, MacLachlan and the Athol Highlanders.
Culloden 01 600x800.JPG (146104 bytes) Culloden 17 600x800.JPG (251782 bytes) Culloden 10 600x800.JPG (167063 bytes)
Respect for the Fallen - Silence for the Dead The Hanoverian Dead who were certainly not all English The mass graves with the red flags indicating the Hanoverian line in the background
Culloden 15 600x800.JPG (171416 bytes) Culloden 02 600x800.JPG (161748 bytes) Culloden 21 463x800.JPG (99749 bytes)
Another mass grave of the Clan MacKintosh The battlefield at Culloden - It has been returned to its original state, after being previously used for commercial forestry The battlefield diagram amidst the mass graves between the Hanoverian and Jacobite lines

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