The demographic abyss that awaits a changing land

History never repeats itself exactly, but the echoes can be extremely jarring and insistent, and serve as a warning for those about to repeat the mistakes of the past. I believe one of those warnings is being conveyed to us in the UK today.

History is a great teacher, and the lesson for today is about invasion, settlement and displacement, and what happens to a country and a people when they ignore the lessons of history. The Western Roman Empire fell due to invasion, settlement and displacement, and so did Roman Britain.

As the last of the legions left the shores of Britannia around 410 AD the people were left to fend for themselves. There were local Romano-British forces in the province, but they were unable to defend the land effectively against desperate and envious outsiders, who were pressing on its borders.

The end of direct Roman rule in Britannia also saw the Imperial apparatchiks thrown out of office, and the administration of the province fragment. The upshot was that Saxon and Angle mercenaries were employed to protect Britannia from the depredations of other barbarian forces. They were given land for settlement and country estates, together with their crumbling Roman villas that reflected far better times of a century or more before.

A Time of Change

More Saxons, Angles, Jutes and Frisians continued to arrive and settle, until they became strong enough to turn against the Romano-Britons and rip the area that forms the modern county of Kent away, creating an independent Kingdom of their own. So begun the final decline of Roman Britain. As immigrant settlers continued to arrive in the late fifth century, the Romano-Britons either settled down to life under new Germanic masters or they relocated elsewhere. The year 470 AD saw an estimated 20,000 Romano-Britons sail to what is now called Brittany in France and settle there. There are echoes of this in our own times, as the indigenous population emigrate to such places as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Others moved west in an ancient version of ‘white flight’, where a degraded version of Romano-British life still carried on in the old Celtic kingdom of Dumnonia. This consisted roughly of modern day Cornwall, Devon and Somerset.

By the late fifth century, the ex-Roman province of Britannia was broken and divided. The north, apart from Cumbria, was lost to the Romano-Britons, as was the east and the midlands. Only the fastness of Wales held firm along with Dumnonia, but it was under constant pressure from incoming settlers. By the beginning of the 8th century, it was all over for Britannia, only Wales held firm. The infrastructure and built environment of Roman Britain continued to fall into ruin, the economy was shattered and the knowledge and skills to maintain it had been lost. A new age of conflict and warfare had dawned, as new and bigger Kingdoms were created over the course of four centuries. A ‘dark age’ in so many ways, although the light of knowledge and learning was never completely extinguished.

Fast forward through the centuries until we reach the Norman Invasion of 1066 AD. Wherein a new Norman-French ruling dynasty established itself in England and ousted the old Anglo-Saxon ruling class. It changed the English language irrevocably and caused traditional Anglo-Saxon names to disappear in favour of Norman ones, such as William. That was the last major invasion of Britain, nothing since has had anywhere near the cultural impact, until we arrive at the middle part of the 20th century.

The UK has always been a haven for people escaping persecution, one of the more well-known being the Huguenots, French protestants escaping torture and death in France by the Catholic majority. The numbers, whilst quite notable for the time, were not huge, and the incomers soon blended in with the native population and intermarried. They made a significant economic and cultural contribution to the country as they assimilated into the general population. Assimilation with the host society has always been beneficial for both parties and ensures the continuance of social cohesion and sense of community, a togetherness of endeavour and aspiration as a nation.

Change Becomes Toxic

All that began to change during the mid-20th century. The first half of the century saw the outbreak of two massively destructive world wars, that decimated the populations of Europe, killing millions of combatants and civilians. A whole generation was decimated, when so many young men left for war and never returned home. When the guns fell silent and the wars came to an end, the labour force had shrunk significantly as a result of conflict. After World War 2, the first stirrings of mass immigration began with the arrival in London of the passenger ship, Empire Windrush, from the West Indies. This influx mainly effected London and it saw the first incidences of racial strife, culminating with rioting in 1958 at Notting Hill, an area that at the time was heavily populated by immigrant West Indians. They also formed another enclave as they settled in Brixton in South London, an area that had previously been well to do but rapidly degenerated as the immigrants settled in. Mass overseas immigration invariably tends to cause neighbourhoods to rapidly decline as previously cohesive areas become transitory, socially fractured and to the native population, menacing and foreign.

During the 1960’s some politicians, such as the incredibly prescient Enoch Powell, had clearly seen the dangers of mass immigration, especially from the third world, and the consequent creation of ethnic and religious ghettoes and enclaves. The numbers of incomers were such that they no longer felt the need to integrate and assimilate, but rather made demands for special treatment of their native culture, manners, and religion from the host community. This was facilitated by enabling politicians riddled with self-guilt over the nation’s colonial past, who felt obliged to create the first manifestations of our current multi-cultural, multi-racial society to the extreme detriment of the British people. The ordinary British people never wanted any of it, it was foisted upon them by their politicians. All the main political parties supported this dangerous policy of inward migration by people from the third world, people who had radically different cultures and religions to the native population.

A similar turn of events occurred in the late 4th and early 5th centuries, as Christian Roman Britain began to witness the arrival of pagans from across the North Sea, who were of a completely different culture and mindset to the Romano-Britons. As their numbers, power and influence grew, they became well placed to seize land and the reins of power, which they did from the middle of the 5th century. This dark age multi culturalism did not end well for Roman Britain, it expunged Christianity for centuries and led to the decline of the Romano-British population, to the point where their genetic signature in many parts of the British Isles was greatly diminished, especially in what is now England. The politicians of today have seemingly learned nothing from this, and wilfully and deliberately try to make history repeat itself, which it surely will within the next seventy years or so. Either that, or there is another covert pan-European agenda in play.

At The Edge of the Abyss

At the time of writing, January 2022, four cities and towns in England have minority white British populations, with one of those cities being the capital, London, where less than 40% of the population is officially described as white British. In one London borough, less than 20% of the population is white British. Enclaves are being created for people who have no intention of integrating with the native population, let alone assimilating with them. In fact, they all too often demand the exact reverse. They are in effect colonising the UK. Mass immigration can be seen as a form of invasion by invitation, rather than by military conflict, but the results will inevitably be the same. It is an age-old policy of invasion, settlement and displacement of the local population, which today we refer to as ‘white flight’. All of this would have been instantly recognisable to mid-5th century Romano-Britons.

As I write this piece, we are still awaiting the results of the 2021 national census and as they gradually begin to leak out, it is undoubtedly going to provide more than a few surprises, especially from our big cities and towns that are at the forefront of demographic change. I think we will see the rate of ‘white flight’ has increased from the urban conurbations, as has the incoming influx of third world immigrants to the urban conurbations. One aspect of the COVID 19 pandemic that may well have accelerated ‘white flight’, is the ability to work from home. It has enabled those who wanted to leave an increasingly dangerous, menacing, divided and foreign city to do so, without the added time and monetary costs of long-distance commuting. That will probably be too late to have been truly reflected in the national census, but it is very much an ongoing phenomenon.

Just like the late 5th century, the demographic profile of this country is undergoing rapid change. The big cities and towns are rapidly taking on a more foreign hue as third world immigrants pour into them, year after year. Along with this change comes a change to our political parties, as they chase this immigrant and immigrant descended vote. The Labour Party and to a lesser degree, the Liberal Democrats pander to the immigrant vote, especially the vote of poor Muslim immigrants. In the major conurbations, that is a sound policy for them. London is one example of where that policy bears fruit. It will never again have a Conservative Party mayor, and Borough after Borough is being captured by the Labour Party, even outer London suburban Boroughs that used to be solidly Conservative. That is directly down to the rapidly changing demographics. This is being reflected in the House of Commons, where more and more MP’s and Government Ministers hail from immigrant backgrounds. In the 5th century, power and control were taken at the point of a sword or spear, now it is being taken via the ballot box and the socially toxic doctrines of political correctness and progressive liberalism.

If current demographic trends continue to play out, the native population of the UK will become a minority by the middle of this century. We will be at the same point that Romano-Britons were in the sixth century. Once that tipping point is reached there will be no going back. The native population will go into a terminal decline and just like the Romano-Britons, will enter a twilight of what they once knew, as the darkness before a new and radically different dawn closes in. That new dawn is likely to arrive to the sound of the Islamic call to prayer from a minaret grafted onto Westminster Abbey. Just like the Hagia Sophia in old Constantinople, it will have been repurposed for use as a mosque and used to make an unmistakable political and religious statement.

Will the modern British people be willing to become a minority in their own land, ruled over by an alien people and culture? The education system is certainly doing its best to facilitate a peaceful demographic shift. It is indoctrinating young people with so-called ‘white guilt’ via Critical Race Theory. It is making them feel that they deserve to be a minority in their own land, to be discriminated against and marginalised, as recompense for the sins of the ancestors of the wealthy in this country, sins that have been placed upon the shoulders of any person deemed to be White British. Slavery is the whip of choice that is being used against the native population, even though most people in this country had Working Class ancestors, who suffered greatly at the hands of the same wealthy elite that were responsible for the West African slave trade.

The Last Chance for Redemption

My own family have suffered at the hands of the wealthy. I have forebears from all over the UK and Ireland. They suffered in Ireland during the great famine and were forced to leave and find work in England. I have Scottish forebears forced off their land during the clearances, and English forbears dying young or dying in workhouses, after being worked to decrepitude by grasping and exploitative employers. None of them had anything to do with the West African slave trade, except that they themselves were slaves with a shilling attached.

The Romano-Britons fought long and hard to maintain their lands, their religion and their culture, right up until the 7th century when they were finally defeated everywhere except for Wales, Cornwall, Strathclyde and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. In the end, they were defeated through a sheer weight of numbers and a loss of territory. The 21st century has yet to see armed resistance, and those covertly seeking the demise of the native population are doing everything possible to ensure none occurs. They want to see a bloodless population replacement, as it is economically advantageous and less destructive for those in the shadows who are enabling this demographic change. The UK is not alone in Europe in respect of demographic change, it is happening all over Western Europe and beyond. To many people looking on in horror at what is happening in the West, there definitely appears to be a common purpose behind it all, a thread that knits it all together.

Once again, this country is seemingly going to be torn away from its native populations and repopulated by people from a vastly different culture and background. If this is allowed to happen the change will be profound and permanent. It is not only the UK that is sliding into the darkness of this stygian abyss, but the whole of the West in a Jonestown-like mass suicide via the combined Kool-Aid of Political Correctness, Progressive Liberalism Miscegenation and Critical Race Theory. All this provided by Western Jim Jones-like politicians and their global capitalist paymasters. It must not be allowed to happen. The west needs a modern-day Ambrosius Aurelianus to turn back the tide, or another Charles Martel to save Western culture from the looming darkness of cultural, religious and ethnic replacement, and the social regression that will come along with it. Cometh the hour, cometh the man, we can only hope so, and hope it is not already too late to save our country, culture and traditions for future generations.

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