The Future of the United Kingdom

England in the first decades of the twenty first century is a nation undergoing vast cultural and demographic change. A change that was never asked for by the English people, and neither was it wanted by the majority of its population. The English, once so certain of whom and what they were have over the past fifty years or more, gradually lost their sense of identity. This process has been skillfully orchestrated by the liberal left elite and the forces of global capitalism, through government policy, education, the media and social engineering.

The English, through the medium of the educational system and the media, have been made to feel ashamed of who their ancestors were, and they have been made to feel guilty for the sins, real or imagined, of their forebears; at least the history and events that are perceived as sins by left wing intellectuals. For example, they are supposed to feel guilty for the slave trade (as if they invented it), for the British Empire, for colonization and a myriad other events. None of the positives are ever mentioned, especially the fact that the British abolished the African slave trade, and actively enforced the abolition with the might of the Royal Navy. The left wing liberal elite never seem to want native Africans themselves to feel guilty in respect of the slave trade, although they were steeped in it, and it could not have operated without them.

When Liberia was founded in 1820, as a new country for freed slaves from the United States of America, it immediately curtailed the slave trade on the territory of its foundation in West Africa. This brought the new nation into martial conflict with the local tribes, who saw the slave trade as a legitimate revenue earner, and one they had long been accustomed to. This simply illustrates the point that it was not the white man driving the trade in human bondage, more often than not it was black Africans themselves. That may not sit well with the espousers of politically correct doctrine, who simplify the situation as, ‘white man bad, black man good’. Life is never that simple, and neither was the African slave trade.

Funny also, how the slave trading of the Arabs in Africa is rarely mentioned either. They controlled the slaving out of East Africa for centuries, with their centre of operations on the island of Zanzibar. It was the efforts of the famous Dr David Livingston that helped end the trade, with the support of the British navy in the latter part of the 19th century. Another aspect of Arab slaving is also rarely mentioned, that of the white slave trade. The Arabs of North Africa would raid the coasts of Europe, including England, and kidnap people into slavery. This was going on well into the 17th century and was only ended by the British navy destroying the slavers bases on the Barbary Coast.

The English, it is often implied, are intrinsically ‘racist’, simply for the fact they are white and intolerant of other faiths and cultures. Really, how does that assertion work in reality? England has always been a refuge for those genuinely fleeing persecution, and it always will be. Economic migration dressed up as asylum seeking is another matter entirely though, and is a curse of modern times.

A Cross to Bear

Right up until the European Football Championships that were played in England back in 1996, even displaying the English national flag - the cross of St. George – was considered a ‘racist’ act by the liberal left elite. However it was perfectly okay for the Scots and Welsh, and even the Cornish to display their national flags. How on earth did things reach the point where displaying the national flag was considered as a racist act? It was football that reclaimed the English flag, but it was used to represent an England of many cultures and peoples. It no longer represented the English as a distinct ethnic group, which is why the political left allowed the flag to come in from the cold once again, once it had been culturally neutered, and co-opted into the cause of multi-culturalism and diversity.

Interestingly, because of this neutering of the cross of St. George, a growing band of English people are adopting the white dragon on a red background, one of the old Saxon flags of England, to express their ethnic identity. Unsurprisingly, this has the left wing metropolitan elite foaming at the mouth, and they are falling over themselves to condemn the flag as a racist emblem. Obviously, they don’t want the English asserting themselves as a distinct people; they would rather the English sink, unprotestingly and apathetically into oblivion, drowned under a vast tidal wave of imported cultures, religions and  migration from all corners of the globe.

The Anglo-Saxon White Dragon Flag

The above illustrates just how far the left wing intelligentsia were prepared to go in order to marginalize and neutralize the native English people, so they could press ahead with their social engineering programmes in respect to multi-racialism, multi-culturalism and the ‘sacred cow’ of diversity. In order for the experiment to work, it was necessary for the native population to be beaten into submission by self-loathing, self-doubt and toxic propaganda. To be made to feel that they should be a minority in their own land because they were somehow ‘unworthy’, and their ancient culture anathema to the ultra-liberal, diverse new age.

A New Beginning

Now, in the twenty first century, as England is sucked ever more deeply into a European Federation (the EU), where over 70% of our new laws are made in a foreign land, and we no longer have control of our own borders, or indeed, on who can come here to live, work and claim welfare benefits, there are stirrings of discontent. The English are beginning to awake from their slumber, as witnessed by the continual growth of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). They want to disengage the UK from the EU and return control of this country to its native peoples, whose ancestors fought and died to give us a better, more socially equal future. The English, a people dormant and downtrodden for so long, have begun to say ‘enough is enough’, and ‘damn your false, self-serving cries of racism, and your insidious plots to make us a minority in our own land’.

The United Kingdom Independence Party - A New Beginning

The English, thankfully, no longer feel they should beat themselves up for being English. They are breaking free from the metropolitan left-wing elite, and the chains of multi-cultural indoctrination. They now see through the lies and falsehoods of political correctness and those simpering, swivel-eyed, deranged intellectuals who peddle it. They see these social experimenters for what they truly are, dangerous and delusional, willing to destroy the very fabric of the nation and the futures of the coming generations of the English people, in the pursuit of some fantastical and unachievable multi-cultural Arcadia.

Already in some of the big cities of England and in many towns, the native English are a minority. They have been made strangers in their own land. It is late in the day, but it is not yet too late to halt and reverse this insidious process. It must be done, or the native English will disappear as a distinct people. They will no longer inhabit a land built in their image; they will be rootless flotsam on a sea of change. This sentiment is just one of the catalysts driving the resurgence in English, and indeed, British, national pride. One of the main elements coming together to spur the resurgence in English pride is the realization that the country is being stolen from the native peoples of this land at an ever increasing speed. The mass immigration that has blighted this nation since 1997, when New Labour were voted into office, has finally forced people to face reality and confront the kind of broken nation their children and grandchildren will be forced to inherit. It will most probably be as second class citizens in their own benighted and broken land.

Being British

The multi-culturalists insist that anybody born in this country is British, even English come to that. However, it is a blatant falsehood. There are only two nations in the western world that grant citizenship on the basis of being born in that nation. In all others, nationality comes from parentage. Being born in a country does not make you of that country. In the UK, it is only by the third generation that one can claim to be British in any meaningful way. Even then it is still not clear cut. Go into any area of our big cities and towns populated by people of Pakistani descent, and even unto the third generation they will identify themselves as being ‘Pakistani’, or ‘British-Pakistani’, or even ‘British-Asian’. Sorry, but you are either simply British, without any hyphenated addition, or you are not. In addition, this community, generation after generation, fetches spouses from their homelands in order to maintain their separate identity, and prevent any assimilation into the native population. They are in fact, rejecting becoming British. They themselves don’t want to be British, except when it comes to claiming large portions of welfare benefits and taking advantage of what else this advanced country has to offer.

Muslims protesting in London

British? Muslims Protesting in London

There is also another matter of what exactly constitutes being ‘British’. In modern times it is used as a catch-all term to describe anybody born here, but that is cultural gerrymandering. Being British really means being from one of the native populations of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It was a term first used after the joining of the crowns of England and Scotland in 1603, and reinforced by the Act of Union in 1707. It was designed to give the people an over-arching identity above that of being English, Welsh, Scottish or Irish. Today, that identity of the native peoples of these islands has been usurped and devalued. It is something that is no longer based upon blood and ancestry, but rather upon political correctness and convenience. At one time to be British meant something in the world, today it is a meaningless term, a spent currency. Possessing a British passport or being born in the UK does not make a person British, only a bloodline and documented ancestry can do that.

Like many people in these islands, I have paternal and maternal DNA evidence that states quite clearly that my bloodlines have been in this part of the world for the past 50,000 years, when our early hunter-gatherer forebears first entered these lands. Those bloodlines have been present in what is now the British Isles before and after the last Ice Age. Our people roamed these lands, hunting in the wild woods, gathering the fruits and fishing the rivers and coastal waters. We built the great stone henges, circles and long barrows; we worshipped the old gods and farmed the land. We resisted invaders, formed a united kingdom and built the Christianity based society we have today. That is what makes us British, and that is what ties us deeply to this land, not a printed travel document, so cheaply given away, or a certificate of birth that says nothing of deep roots, ancient bloodlines and the hidden history contained within the double helix of our DNA.

The Future

So what now for England, what future for that once great nation created over thousands of years and through thousands of battles by its native peoples? If we allow current trends to continue, England as we know it will cease to exist by the end of this century. Its native peoples will be minorities in their own land, subjugated, marginalised and oppressed by a vicious medieval religion that will take the country back to the dark ages of superstition and ignorance. To do nothing is not an option if there is to be a future for the English, a future that does not just see a mass emigration by those escaping the storm that awaits us on the horizon.

For the English to survive change must come now. It cannot wait decades until matters have reached the point of no return, a point which they are rapidly approaching. This poisonous, toxic brew of multi-culturalism and diversity must be expunged and buried. We must leave the suffocating embrace of the European Union (EU), a dangerous political entity that would relegate England to the status of a minor province in a federal European super state. We must also leave the EU in order to regain our national sovereignty and control over our borders and our courts of law. Only then, when we are once again in command of our own national future, can we act in the best interests of the native peoples of England and of these islands in general.

We must once again instill a sense of national pride in the English people, and ensure the educational system is stripped of its political correctness and anti-English, anti-British prejudices. This nation has a wealth of past and present achievements to be justly proud of, and they should be recognised as such. It is not a matter of jingoism and nationalism, both can be very dangerous when perverted, it is about being able to stride the world stage with sureness and confidence.

The open immigration door to the world must be closed, whilst leaving the trade door wide open. We are not a dumping ground for the world’s economic migrants, who wash up upon these shores with fantastical sob stories and false histories of persecution and ill-treatment. There are no legal requirements to accept people who have crossed half the world to claim asylum here, neither should we accept them. We cannot sustain a constant deluge of economic migrants from the third world and retain our own distinct heritage and culture. We should only invite in those migrants who will benefit our economy and who will contribute to it. We do not need migrants who arrive in this land only to plunder its welfare benefits and take advantage of its national health system.

We all feel the pain of those millions of people who genuinely suffer in other parts of our world, often horribly, but we simply do not have the room or resources to take care of them all in the UK, neither do we want our culture and traditions changed by them, as it surely would be. We can of course do all that we can to aid them in their own countries, but as with our own country in the past, the people of a nation must drive change themselves, both social and political, as well as economic.

Why should we be browbeaten into accepting the human detritus of the planet, endlessly spewed forth like projectile vomit, from countries whose populations are soaring beyond what is sustainable for the planet and political stability, when other countries with strong national economies stand aside and do almost nothing? Why are such countries as, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore allowed to maintain their cultural and racial integrity, without criticism or comment, whilst our nation is expected to dilute ours until we reach the point of becoming a minority in our own land? More to the point, why have the English and British people themselves stood for it? Are they really that downtrodden, apathetic and indoctrinated? Despite past warnings, the situation has been allowed to fester into a virulent, malignant tumour of liberal left dogma, global capitalist greed and the poisonous self-interest of the globalist, multi-nationalist elite.

The absolute scandal of importing cheap foreign labour, in vast numbers, to the detriment of the working class of this nation is an abomination and a betrayal of the people of these islands. The EU policy of the free movement of peoples within the EU is simply a device to supply cheap labour to exploitative local concerns and multi-national companies, and drive down the wages and working conditions of the British people. It is a global capitalist device that serves their interests, and panders to the worst aspects of UK management, which is all too often, lazy, inefficient, under-qualified and crippled by under-investment in modern plant and machinery.

UK management has always preferred to employ cheap labour to remain competitive, than make capital investments of new plant and machinery into their businesses. This allows them to strip out the largest amount of money from the enterprise for the benefit of shareholders and corporate executives. It is a policy that could have been a product of Chairman Mao’s little red book. The workers who produce the goods are often contemptuously dismissed as mere hired hands, hired and fired at will and whim, and provided with the smallest salary possible, along with the worst working conditions a company can get away with. Cheap, pliable, exploitable foreign labour is a grasping, profit gauging capitalists dream.

This has to stop. Our forefathers fought for the dignity of the ordinary working person, now we are seeing all that they have gained being eroded and discarded. It is a shameful betrayal of our ancestors. Growing up, I often heard the older generation express the sentiment that a fair day’s work should bring a fair day’s pay. Now that seems to have been altered to, a fair day’s work for paltry, meagre pay, and think yourself lucky to have a job on a zero hour’s contract. It is totally and utterly unacceptable and must be changed. Globalisation is the sworn enemy of the working class of the West, and we must not be in bondage to its mantra, we must break the chains of our own enslavement.

A New Way

What we need are bi-lateral trade agreements and duties on imported goods made in foreign countries that utilize cheap, and often, child or convict labour, where working conditions can be nothing short of appalling. After all, in the world of sport, we would not allow a foreign football team to field twenty two players against our eleven. However in terms of global trade, we are allowing exactly that to happen. China slaps a 100% import tax on foreign motor cars that are imported and sold in the country for example, a BMW or a Mercedes costs twice as much there as it does here, yet we accept that as the price of doing business in China. At the same time we allow China to flood or domestic market with cheaply produced goods, that put our own companies out of business, exports our jobs abroad, and consequently puts our own people out of work. Utter madness, but profitable for the global elite.

Any nation that neglects its domestic economy and allows that economy to narrow and become predominantly focused on a few specific areas, is heading for a fall. England and the UK generally need a broad based economy, not one that is mostly dependent upon banking and service industries. We need to manufacture goods via UK owned companies. Norway still has a locally owned shipbuilding industry and Germany has a healthy locally owned automotive industry, so why can’t the UK manufacture genuine UK products anymore? Are we more stupid than the Germans or Norwegians? No, we have always been a highly innovative nation. Why is manufacturing been so shamefully neglected in this country since the 1980’s? More to the point, why has the UK become a slave to globalisation and sold its soul to the forces of international capitalism, to the great detriment of most of the population of the country?

More to the Point

More to the point, why am I so animated about all of this? Well, at the time of writing, December 2014, I have two children under the age of 2 and the future that awaits them in England feels me with dread. Unless we see drastic change in this nation soon, they will find themselves a minority in their own country by the middle of the 21st century. They will most likely find themselves living in an Islamic state under Sharia Law, in an economy that has been devastated, and where the benefits system and the NHS have collapsed. We only have to look at Zimbabwe for a fine example of what can happen. They will be living in a new ‘dark age’, in all senses of the word, in a degenerate land that has reverted to the backward cultural standards of 7th century Arabian desert.

Currently, as a nation, we are allowing this to happen, as though we are deaf and blind to the consequences for our children and grandchildren. This is what over fifty years of creeping political correctness has achieved, the complete apathetic bovine passivity of the English people, as they are sedated by mindless television programmes and celebrity culture, and a complete disinterest in the political process. The British, especially the younger generations, like to see themselves as caring and tolerant and oh so inclusive; those flocking to our shores simply see them as bovine, gutless and weak, ripe for invasion, occupation and settlement.

I will seek to ensure that my own children are equipped with the skills that will enable them to leave the UK and start a new life in a country that still maintains civilised Western standards, and where people of their own kind still form a majority. I am well aware of what is coming. Unfortunately, such countries will be thin on the ground by the middle of this century. If current demographic trends continue, Western Europe will be doomed, America and Canada too, with even distant Australia also being in grave danger of becoming an Islamic state at some point in the coming decades, if they do not wake up in time.

We have precious little time left to prevent this scenario happening, and it will already require robust measures. I am not sure that people are sufficiently enlightened and motivated to halt the process, especially the brainwashed generations under the age of thirty, who have been programmed to accept their own demise and dhimmi status, through the black propaganda and social grooming of the chattering classes, career politicians and the self-appointed commissars of the left wing liberal elite. The younger generations have been taught to loathe themselves for being white and to despise their ancestors and history, forgetting that if it wasn’t for the white man and European civilization, the modern world would not exist. It is almost as if they have been passed through some rancid North Korean double-speak re-education centre, where lies are truth and the truth is a lie. Europeans should be justly proud of what they have achieved and the advances they have made, especially in terms of curbing the power and influence of religion and in producing a genuine, modern parliamentary democracy, the cradle of which has been the rolling hills of old England.

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