The Disunited Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

In the second part of this article, I have swiftly passed over the years 1700 to 1900 as there were no culture changing invasions, and no highly significant migrations of peoples to the UK. There were the French Protestant Huguenots of course who greatly influenced the British silver trade, Eastern European Jews and an assorted mixture of other migrants. None of these modest movements of people were of sufficient numbers to leave a significant genetic mark upon the ancient native population.

I offer my opinions on the new frontier of mass immigration, and the rapid cultural change our nation now struggles to accommodate. Added to this are the divisions and fissures that have opened up within the fabric of our major conurbations and urban centres. It is of course my take on events and others may have a differing point of view, particularly if they hold an internationalist outlook. In a free country that historically cherishes the freedom of speech and the value of free expression, that is exactly how it should be.

Unfortunately at the beginning of the 21st century, this long established concept of freedom of speech is coming under ever greater pressure from the forces of political correctness. It is a creeping and insidious mantra that is designed to stifle opinion and free expression. It's most dangerous manifestation is perhaps the 1986 Public Order Act, especially Section 5 of the Act. That section outlaws 'insulting words or behaviour' but is opaque and woolly on the exact definition of what that means. 

Section 5 of this Act has been abused on numerous occasions. Two of the most ridiculous arrests under this Act were that of a Christian street preacher, Dale McAlpine, who stated that homosexuality was a sin, or the 16 year old from Newcastle Upon Tyne who said 'woof' to a dog, and was promptly arrested by the police and fined £200. This ludicrous decision was overturned by a jury, who were obviously in possession of more common sense than those who brought the original prosecution.

The Beginning of the End

Let us begin at the point where things began to go very wrong indeed. The Second World War was an absolutely terrible event for this nation, not only because it caused such death and destruction but it was also responsible for the final demise of the British Empire. The rot had set in two decades before, as we were dragged into the killing fields of the First World War. The war ended a golden Edwardian age and centuries of British domination. It also effectively bankrupted the nation and allowed the United States of America to effortlessly achieve global economic and cultural pre-eminence.

The Second World War finally finished off this country as a great world power, and reduced it to the status of an indebted international pauper. Yet again we had been dragged into another European conflict that held no benefit for us. There were certain nations in Europe who took great satisfaction from observing the United Kingdom lying prostrate, poverty stricken, rudderless, humiliated and weak at the wars end. There was scant gratitude for the liberation of their people from Nazi occupation, possibly because they had become far too comfortable with collaboration in all its forms.

The greatest influx of foreign peoples to the United Kingdom and their settlement thereof, occurred not as a direct result of warfare, but rather as a consequence of it. As the economy recovered in the late 1940’s and 1950’s there was a need for labour and that presented an opportunity for citizens of the Commonwealth, an organisation formed from independent states that had once been imperial possessions, and for those who still resided in our remaining colonies.

Jamaicans arrive at Tilbury on the Empire Windrush

On the 22nd June 1948 a ship called the Empire Windrush docked at the port of Tilbury in Essex. It carried 493 passengers from Jamaica who wanted to start a new life in the UK. It was the first landfall of what would in time become a tsunami of third world immigration; it still ripples out from the bow wave of the Empire Windrush today.


Following on from the West Indian migration to the UK were peoples from Africa and the Indian sub-continent, who from the late 1960’s onwards arrived in ever increasing numbers. A spike occurred in the 1970’s, when East African Asians were expelled by the governments of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda who were upset at the economic dominance they had gained in those African states. It was the first expression of ‘indigenisation’ by African governments which continues apace today in both Zimbabwe and South Africa. 

On the 1st July 1997 the British crown colony of Hong Kong reverted to China. Prior to this happening, the UK government had changed its requirements for citizenship and the law in respect to the right of abode in the UK. The prospect of five million Hong Kong Chinese with a right of settlement in the UK was a bridge too far, even for the most progressive and liberal of British governments. However, many Hong Kong Chinese citizens still managed to relocate to the UK and became a much larger visible minority in our cities. 

In more recent times have come large numbers of mainland Chinese who have never had any legitimate connection with this country. They are being brought in by people smugglers to work in the 'black economy' cockle picking and selling knock off DVD's. The smugglers appear to have no problem in bypassing the UK's poorly protected national borders.

From 1970 onwards, the large cities of the UK become increasingly cosmopolitan and diverse in aspect, and this has led to much cultural cross pollination. It has also led to increasing violence and conflict between the various ethnic groupings and the indigenous population. These ethnic groups have tended to create enclaves in the cities of the UK and rather than integrate into a British way of life, have preserved the culture, language and traditions of their homelands. This has resulted in a self imposed form of apartheid that works against integration and reinforces segregation. This has in many areas led to a fractured society of mutual mistrust, dislike and misunderstanding that is getting worse year on year.

In 1973 the United Kingdom joined the Common Market, a free trade grouping of nations in Western Europe who had open access to the markets of each member state. Since that time, the Common Market has become the European Economic Community and more recently has evolved into the European Union, commonly referred to as the EU. This trading block has gradually and stealthily crystalized into a de-facto federal state, with its own government, currency, central bank and military forces. In 2012 it is a political entity in crisis, being torn asunder by a severe economic crisis.

It is certainly not the same free trade entity the British people voted to join in 1973. Despite that moving of the goal posts, the people of the UK have been denied a referendum on whether they wish to remain a part of this new political arrangement that has been imposed upon them. The EU is a body that takes more and more powers unto itself as the years go by, whilst emasculating the national parliaments of the nation states making up the European Union in the process.

In 1985 France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg signed the Schengen Agreement. This allowed for passport free travel in those countries, effectively abolishing the borders between them. In addition it introduced a single policy on immigration and asylum. It also gave the police forces in all five countries access to the records of citizens in all the Schengen nations. In 1997 the Schengen Agreement was written into EU law under the Treaty of Amsterdam. So far the UK is not effected by this law but it will be in time. On the day the Schengen Agreement came into force the British national daily newspaper, the Daily Mail, wrote this prophetic comment:

'The Schengen Agreement was not signed in response to overwhelming public demand. It was put together by the governing elite of Europe, bureaucrats and politicians intent on pursuing their own agenda of political union. A frontier-free Europe will be a paradise for criminals, drug-dealers, illegal immigrants and terrorists'.

Cheap Labour

As the EU expanded eastwards in Europe, it drew in the former nations of the old Soviet Bloc. Around the same time legislation was passed in the European Parliament that enabled the free movement of labour within the EU. Most member states put a block on this free movement of people from the economically backward Eastern European countries for a period of ten years, all except for the UK, Ireland and Sweden, who allowed instant access to their labour markets. The inevitable torrent of Eastern European migration to the UK officially began on 1st May 2004, and it has not stopped since. 

In order to gerrymander the figures in respect of the amount of entrants to the UK, the government came up with a rather jolly wheeze. Prior to the 1st May 2004 untold thousands of migrants from aspirant nations were allowed to enter the UK on self employment visas. The system was so incompetent and so abused that in one infamous case, a work visa was even granted to a one legged Romanian roof tiler!

British business desired a large pool of cheap, compliant, minimum wage labour, and so the UK became a gigantic magnet to masses of Eastern European workers. They were in search of work at much higher rates of pay than was available in their homelands (but at much lower rates than a British worker could work for), and access to a generous welfare system. Not only were the British government conspiring against their own working class but so were the Gollum-like captains of British industry.

British business has all too often been good at not investing income back into their companies. The owners would rather squeeze every penny out of the enterprise for their own personal benefit. One insidious way of milking the company is by investing in cheap foreign labour to drive down wages and remain competitive. 

Rather than investing capital in more efficient machinery and technology, they seek to compete on wage costs and go on using knackered, outdated equipment. In the end, this greed fuelled, short sighted policy ends in disaster. Ultimately the unsustainable bubble bursts and the company goes under. 

Currently, no British manufacturing company can possibly compete with the Chinese on labour costs. Common sense should dictate that UK business up its game and compete at the cutting edge of technology and development, and not on cheap labour. However British business in recent times has not been noted for its top class management, but only for the epic remuneration packages it awards to its company directors, regardless of whether they succeed or fail. Greed and avarice are still considered good in far too many casino-like British boardrooms.

It is beyond question, that the sudden influx of vast numbers of economic migrants has had the dire effect of driving down pay and conditions for native workers, overloading infrastructure, driving up the price of housing, inundating the welfare and schooling systems, clogging up the badly ailing National Health Service and putting pressure on our police forces due to higher levels of crime.

The Polish Lorry Driver

I can give an illustrative example of wage depression caused by inward migration from my own work experience. Back in 2004 I was an Assistant Manager at a company based in London, and witnessed the sudden explosion of Polish migrants seeking work in the UK after May 1st of that year. 

The company I worked for, whom I shall not name engaged the services of a Polish HGV Driver. He was very willing, enthusiastic, worked extremely hard, never took ‘silly-sick’ days from work and fitted in well with all the other employee’s and drivers. He was a model employee in all respects but did need to improve his English language skills to some degree. Occasionally it would fall to me to route the Lorries for the following day, a task I took on permanently once I became the Night Manager. 

I happened to be chatting with this new Polish driver in a mixture of English and Russian, my second language, on one occasion. During the course of the conversation, the subject of pay came up for some reason or other. I knew that the other drivers who were all English, were on £21,000 per year. It was then the Polish driver casually informed me that he was only being paid £17,000 per year, the same basic rate as the van drivers were earning! 

I was affronted by that obvious under-paying for the job, £4,000 difference is a lot of money, and I hate to see exploitation of any kind. I said that I would have a word with the appropriate people as a mistake must surely have been made. To my surprise he didn’t want me to raise the issue with senior management, he was very insistent upon that, as it was the salary he had agreed upon when formally engaged by the company. 

To me it stank. To have one employee earning far less than his colleagues was a rancid form of discrimination, the kind of practice usually guaranteed to cause friction and resentment in any normal work place. Such pay disparities can have serious effects upon morale and general productivity and to me it was an example of  hideous mismanagement.

What I did not really appreciate at the time, was the fact I was actually witnessing the embryonic stages of the coming mass influx of cheap labour from Eastern Europe, and the devastating effects it was going to have in the British workplace. The Directors at the company I worked for had already grasped the fiscal implications of this vast pool of cheap labour.

The company knew how it could be used to drive down pay and conditions for all British workers and like a virulent cancer, this new form of worker exploitation has spread throughout the land. Its social consequences have often been traumatic for many native British workers who have been denied work and opportunity.

That Polish driver was willing to work for his stunted salary because it was a lot more than he would have received for the same job at home. However, because the salary was so low for a person having to live in the very expensive metropolis of London, he was forced into putting in many hours of overtime. This driver was unusual in that he had brought his family over and was not living in a multi-occupancy scenario, so had to earn a reasonable living wage.

The same is now true in 2012 for many British workers whose pay has been driven down by very significant margins. They are forced into working overtime which affects their family life, or they are forced out of work altogether and into a life of welfare dependency and alienation. The government are effectively pushing hardworking Britons into the realms of the feckless underclass, where they most certainly do not belong.

This is what corporate greed, government collusion and the curse of unfettered mass immigration is doing to the country. It is an utter disgrace for a supposedly first world nation whose government should be raising the living standards of all its citizens, not just the top 1% of very rich people.

A Pole Dance

All this in combination with the worst economic recession since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, has resulted in a perfect storm of misery and hopelessness for many of the native working class population. Many can no longer find work at a realistic living wage to support a family and pay a mortgage. It has been nothing short of a betrayal of the working class and doubly so, when it was inflicted by a New Labour government with supposedly deep socialist roots.

The mass migration of cheap labour to this country has also had one very interesting and unforeseen consequence for British workers. As the incomers became established by taking minimum wage jobs, which they were able to afford to do given their multiple occupancy living arrangements, they began to move up the employment ladder. 

They became Foremen, Supervisors and Managers, particularly in the retail and service environments, and increasingly gained control of the levers of power in respect of the hiring of new staff. The posts which became available were then all too often filled by their extended families, friends and fellow countrymen. An employment circle had been created that effectively excluded the native working class from gaining employment. This very subject was discussed on London's LBC Radio 97.3 FM, on a late morning talk show on the 7th May 2012, particularly in respect of the Polish community in London.

Despite the above, it is entirely wrong for the indigenous population to blame the incomers who are seeking a better life and financial advantage, even if some of these guest workers can exhibit a complete disrespect and contempt for the local population and for the laws of the land. 

The real culprits are big business and the tame government lackeys whom they finance. Business seeks to exploit the free movement of peoples in Europe for its own commercial ends. That said it is the native population who have to accept the most blame for the situation. They have a vote come election time, and it is they who decide who will govern the nation and what policies it will enact. 

Sadly, the British public have by and large proven themselves to be apathetic when it comes to elections. To my mind that is bordering upon criminal, when one considers what our forebears went through in order to gain universal suffrage. Time and political correctness has eroded the enormity of that achievement by the working class, and people do not appreciate it as they should. 

People don't seem to realise the power they have to make real change happen. When the British public do bother to go out and vote, all too often they have the appearance of turkey's voting for Christmas.

The Tattered Mat

The UK has always been a welcoming destination for those in neighbouring lands facing genuine fear of prosecution and death. In addition, people have also always arrived on these shores as the spouses of native Britons. All of this migration and settlement was harmonious and unremarkable. It was only after 1948 that it began to change, when tensions bubbled to the surface and abuses of the system became blatant. 

These rampant abuses accelerated enormously after 1997 and were not helped by the New Labour governments removal of all embarkation controls in 1999. Simply put, the country now had no idea just how many people were in the country who should not be here. The total is now estimated to run into millions and growing year on year. Definitely not one of Tony Blair's finest hours.

Today, the welcome mat is in tatters, worn out by the countless feet of bogus asylum seekers from around the globe, all taking advantage of the anarchy and chaos that is current UK immigration policy. On top of all that there is a government too afraid of political correctness and vested interests to protect the nations borders.

London, the dynamic capital city in which I was born in 1963, has changed beyond all recognition from the traditional place it was back then. Of course cities are always evolving and adapting, it is the very nature of the beast but the rate of social and cultural evolution has increased dramatically since the British people first elected a New Labour government. 

That government, seemed to many people to hold a hidden agenda of changing the face of Britain and increasing its electoral base of support. It is a well known political fact that new migrants to the UK tend to be Labour voters, and mass immigration has the potential to create a de-facto one party state for the Labour Party. It is a cynical policy with the potential of causing great social damage now and in the future.

New Labour under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, held power in the UK from their landslide election win of 1997, to their ignominious defeat in 2010. In their thirteen years in office, they presided over the biggest uncontrolled influx of people into this country in its history, an influx that has literally changed the face of Britain.

The Future Face of Britain

The rate of social change in the UK is simply astounding. Net immigration quadrupled to nearly 200,000 a year between 1997 and 2009. In 2010 it was 252,000. Over 3 million immigrants have arrived since 1997 and the flow is set to continue unabated. The door is not only open it has been removed from its hinges and thrown away.

As reported by the Daily Mail on 25th May 2012 and Migration Watch UK. Latest figures released by the Office for National Statistics show that in the first nine months of 2011, net migration to the UK stood at 252,000. This is the second highest level ever recorded. If the complete twelve months are taken into account, it is akin to the whole population of Iceland relocating to the UK in one year! Similar inward migration figures are being recorded year after year. It is utter and complete madness, insanity of the first order.

In September 2016, the net inward migration figures for the UK stood at 273,000, down from 325,000 the previous year. Remember these are the net migration figures, the difference between those arriving and those leaving. The actual amount of immigrants arriving in the UK was around 600,000. 

Amongst those leaving the UK, nobody knows how many are indigenous British people, fed-up to the back teeth with the direction of travel in this country, who have voted with their feet and left these shores, just like my sister and her family, who left for Australia in 2016. 

That is why the demographic change taking place in the UK appears to be more of an invasion, displacement and settlement of a kind not seen in this country before. The numbers involved are truly stupendous, and the rate of change truly frightening.

The country appears to be governed by a treacherous cabal of self-serving cretins, hell bent on destroying the nation for the sake of odious party political dogma and the selfish interests of global capitalism.

The population of the UK will grow by over 7 million to 70+ million in the next 16 years, 5 million due to immigration - that is 5 times the population of Birmingham. England is already, with the Netherlands, the most crowded country in Europe. Such rapid growth in the size of the population due to external immigration will have highly visible effects, and place unsustainable pressure on resources, infrastructure and public services.

The endless flow of economic migrants and bogus asylum seekers continues 

This tidal wave of inward migration will alter the ancient genetic make-up of the nation, to an extent not seen since the great migrations at the end of the last Ice Age. Some have even begun to see this new movement of foreign people not as simple immigration, but rather the relentless displacement and removal of an established population and their culture.

It is a displacement that is being meekly accepted by the indigenous population, who seem generally apathetic and unconcerned about this frightening development. The same is also true for the majority of Western European nations, who are finding themselves in a similar situation to the UK. 

It is a source of great fascination for those of us with an interest in sociology and the psychology of human behaviour. This new mass immigration scenario is a unique population event that has never before happened in the long history of Great Britain. It is a 'car crash' in slow motion. 

This nihilistic path of self destruction all seems to have been set in motion after the second world war. It was orchestrated by a left wing liberal elite with a masochistic colonial guilt complex, after the rapid break-up of the British Empire.

Mass immigration is strange new phenomenon for the UK and will bring with it enormous social upheaval, and massive cultural and religious change. It is already causing a crisis of identity in the native population of these islands, despite their passive acquiescence in the process. In many instances it is leading to the rise of nationalism and reaction. It may yet bring about a vicious backlash born out of a seething resentment, all fermented by a feeling of dispossession and marginalisation.

This feeling of dispossession has already been witnessed not so long ago. It was at one time considered racist by the left wing liberal elite, for the English to fly their own long established national flag, the cross of St. George. At the same time it was perfectly acceptable for the Scots and Welsh to fly their national flags. That kind of politically correct nonsense is bound to ramp up ill-feeling and cause resentment.

A cautionary warning should be taken from the book, Welcome to the Asylum written by Harriet Sergeant, in which she relates the story of an African refugee:

'When you are the first refugee to enter a village', he explained, 'they see you as an individual. They help you. They invite you into their homes and ask you about your family'. But then more arrived and even more. The villagers turned surly. 'They refused to give the bread they had offered me with a smile'. They forced the refugees to camp outside the village. 'Finally they pelted us with stones'.

Unless this government and future governments get a grip on the potentially explosive issue of mass immigration and the free movement of people within the EU, and produces a genuinely viable and sustainable vision for this country, I can see dark times ahead for future generations born into this fragmented land.  

The people of the country must decide what they want for their nation in the coming years, and most importantly, for their children's future. It is a pressing concern that will only get more urgent. At present there is nothing more than a rudderless drift into the unknown on a sinking ship, with no map or compass to point the way forward and not enough lifeboats to go around.

I think the last words on all this can perhaps be left to the Holy Bible, a tome upon which modern Western society has been founded over many centuries and still shapes our morality here in the UK, despite the modern secular world we live in. 

The same Biblical passage below also inspired one of the most famous speeches of Abraham Lincoln on disunity; a speech he presented to the Republican State Convention on 16th June 1858 in Springfield, Illinois. On the 12th April 1861 the divergent forces in the United States finally reached a tipping point and the Civil War began.

From the Bible, Matthew 12:25 (King James Version):

"And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand".

The follow-on to this article will be on the subject of Brexit, a vote to leave the EU on June 23rd 2016 that stunned the political Establishment, and was the first sign of the British people beginning to rise from their knee's.

Nigel Farage - The leader of UKIP at the time of Brexit

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