The events that shaped the nation we know today

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A British Historical Perspective

The British Isles and its people have a very long and ancient history. Their story has unfolded chapter by amazing chapter, ever since the islands emerged from the frigid grip of the last Ice Age over 10,000 years ago. 

It has now been proven by the new science of genetics that at least 80% of us in these islands can trace our roots back to the first indigenous people. The hunter-gatherers who returned to these lands from the Ice Age refuges they had inhabited in Europe, as the glaciers covered their world.

Until 6,000 years ago we were still connected to Europe by a large fertile plain, which now lays drowned below the waters of the North Sea and the English Channel. We still share a strong genetic bond with our cousins across the water, even if our local cultures and languages have diversified over the millennia.

The Insular Celts of the British Isles were a relatively recent invention. Their origins lay in the 18th century in the form of the Welsh scholar and ardent nationalist Edward Lhuyd, who had an anti-English agenda to peddle. His agenda was well served by casting the English as genocidal invaders. In reality, the majority of the English people have the R1b haplogroup, the same as the Welsh, Scots and Irish.

There is a bit of a genetic east-west divide in the UK, but it is a very ancient one going back to the end of the last Ice Age. As people returned to this land, they came from the refuges in the Pyrenees, the Balkans and what is now Ukraine, where they had sat out the Ice Age for thousands of years. They all arrived in Britain at around the same time, and they form the native population stock as they also do in Western Europe. 

Some modern countries have a greater proportion of a certain haplogroup than others, it just depends upon where their ancient kinsfolk lived during the Ice Age. One could be R1b, R1a1, J1b1, I1a and so on. It is a fascinating window on the past.

A great wave of invading Celtic migrants did not arrive during the Iron Age, what did arrive were ideas and cultural trends, just as blue jeans, rock music, hamburger joints  and I-phones have infiltrated almost every culture in the modern world. It doesn't mean there was a massive invasion of Americans. 

People have always adopted elements of foreign cultures that they like or admire, it is a by-product of trade and commerce, and of course, fashion. Our forebears were no different to us in that respect, they traded widely and were open to influences from elsewhere.

Along with agriculture and the concept of farming, there also came the modern Celtic languages in their original form. They both arrived via the old established migration route of our ancestors in the western half of the British Isles, via Iberia and the western seaboard. It is not known yet why those languages replaced what was originally spoken, but the people themselves were definitely not replaced.

Genes Cannot Lie

The established propaganda of political correctness was proved to be incorrect by genetic research. Our genes do not lie; they cannot lie, unlike those in political power with their shadowy and insidious policies, who wish to conduct some mad experiment in social engineering.

An Iron Age Celtic invasion did not displace the native population, for the so-called ‘Celts’ are the native population. The Angles, Jutes, Saxons, Vikings and Danes did not displace the native populations either for they never made up more than 5% - 10% of the population. It was a takeover by ruling elites with some settlement, particularly in East Anglia and Northumberland. 

The Norman invasion was another takeover by a ruling elite, who did not displace the native population. They simply grabbed the land that was once controlled by the defeated Anglo-Saxon elite, and ruled the kingdom in their place.

All of the people who came to these islands to rule and settle were the kindred of the original hunter-gatherers. They may have been separated over the long years by the artificial constructs of culture and language, but that is simply window dressing. We are all of the same blood and the same bone and more tellingly, the same DNA haplogroups.

Cultural Betrayal

The UK government has officially stated in Europe that there is no such thing as an indigenous population in the UK. By doing so they have stolen the birth right of every native person in the country and the protections afforded to them and their ancient culture by the United Nations. It is all part of a dangerous agenda to strip the native peoples of their traditional cultures, and forcefully replace them with something manufactured and artificial.

This momentous cultural great betrayal, and I believe it can be so described, occurred in April 2009. In excess of 122 MP's from all three major parties signed a declaration in the form of an 'Early Day Motion' entitled 'Rights of Tribal and Indigenous Peoples', affirming that no such thing as an indigenous population existed. It was a cynical political maneuver enacted to provide justification for government social policy of the time.

Previous governments have been keen to push the idea of the UK being the subject of wave after wave of brutal invaders, and the genocidal replacement of the previous occupants by those incoming settlers. It suited their agenda to present the UK as being a nation in flux, with no deep roots or indigenous population.

It was a concept that generations of school children and students were indoctrinated with, and I well remember being subjected to it in the classroom. Such errant nonsense went generally unchallenged, until the falsehood was exposed by genetic research from the 1990’s onwards. It is the ‘Piltdown Man’ of British history. Despite that, the fanatical social experimenters still refuse to admit defeat, and fight tooth and nail to keep the old doctrine in place.

The United Kingdom may consist of four realms but the people of those realms are all interconnected. We are all related to one degree or another. Politicians seek to divide the peoples of the Kingdom as it makes them easier to rule. If they focus the peoples attention on hollow nationalism and empty jingoism, they will take their eyes off what really matters and what is actually happening around them.


British history is our story, and what a wonderful saga it is. From those brave and hardy hunter-gatherers of the distant past, to the invention of the World Wide Web. It has been an often stormy and turbulent tale of warfare and strife, struggle and revolution, but we have forged from the furnace of social evolution a nation that has so much to be proud of. 

But it is also a nation in grave danger of a rapid and destabilizing transformation, a change that will alter its essential fabric, character and social ambiance forever. The devastating consequences of this ripping of the cohesive fabric that has bound us together for centuries, was amply demonstrated by the horrific London bombings of 7th July 2005, and the national riots that occurred between 6th and 10th August 2011. 

In the 21st century, we are sitting atop a smoldering powder keg of alienation and discontent. It will explode again, that is inevitable, unless the issues that are igniting the fires of destruction are handled honestly and effectively, and a new broom is used to sweep clean.

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