The Extraordinary Death of a Nation

Something extraordinary has happened to the UK since the end of the Second World War. It began fairly quietly in 1948, when the ship, Empire Windrush, docked in London. It brought 1027 immigrants from the West Indies. They boarded the ship in Jamaica and came in search of a better life, as the UK slowly began to recover from the years of bloodshed that ended in 1945. Many more West Indian immigrants followed and are known today as the ‘Windrush Generation’. In all, between 1947 and 1970, nearly half a million people left their homes in the West Indies to live in Britain, mostly settling in the big cities, and especially in London.

It did not take long for racial tensions to arise. In 1958, the Notting Hill riots took place in late August and early September, and they coincided with similar racially based unrest in Nottingham. The unrest was in no way a London phenomenon. As racially segregated enclaves formed, problems began to occur. I well recall being told by my grandparents that at one time, prior to WW2, Brixton in South London was a well-to-do area, with large, expensive detached houses. A few years after the arrival of large numbers of West Indian immigrants, it began a slide downhill and became a West Indian enclave, with many of the grand old houses being bought-up and converted to multi-occupancy dwellings. In the 1970’s, it became known as the ‘front line’, noted for criminal activity and drug peddling. The first generation of arrivals had spawned a criminalised and disaffected 2nd and 3rd generation. This is all too often the case with visible and third world migrants, but not just them. Many Eastern European immigrants who came to these shores since 2004 were criminals, and are now responsible for the majority of the cash point crime, prostitution, including child prostitution, people smuggling and illegal drug importation and supply, especially in London. The UK with its soft policing and political correctness is a land of opportunity for them.

West Indian immigrants arrive on the Empire Windrush in 1948

Race riots have occurred frequently since 1958, usually, but not exclusively, involving the black descendants of the Windrush Generation. Some of the most well-known were the Broadwater Farm Estate riots that took place in Tottenham, London in 1981, where a policeman was ambushed and killed. In 2001, Oldham was in flames, along with Bradford, Leeds and Burnley. That time it was the disaffected Muslim populations of Pakistani and Bengali descent. Then there were the nationwide race riots of 2011 that took place in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and elsewhere. They were accompanied by the usual bouts of looting, especially of sports goods retail outlets. Rioting has taken place in other years and in other areas, it is a long list and there are many incidents of it, far too many to list here.

As with all mass immigration, it was the white working class who suffered the effects of wage depression and housing shortages, although during the 1960’s, this was rather mitigated by a thriving economy and an immigrant community that still wasn’t large enough to massively effect pay and conditions, or to alter the culture and traditions of the host country in a significant way. The real consequences of mass immigration are usually not observed until there is an economic downturn, when the native population become more aware of the competition for employment, and the added strains upon the nation’s social welfare system. These problems could all have been avoided by a system of limited time work visa’s, as currently operates in the Gulf States of the Middle East. Instead, in the UK, immigration meant permanency and the creation of enclaves, ghettoes and enormous social problems down the line. None of it was ever necessary.

Then of course there were, and still are, tensions caused by cultural differences. I remember one incident from my childhood in particular. Parties that sometimes went on for many days, with loud music from speakers the size of wardrobes, were quite the thing with young West Indians. One particular party had been going on, night and day, for three days in a row. Somebody obviously had reached breaking point, as they lobbed a petrol bomb through the front room window. Casualties occurred, but it certainly brought the party to a rapid conclusion. Trouble and resentment usually ensues, when the culture and traditions of immigrants are imposed on the native population. That is true of any country and not just the UK. A successful immigrant adapts and assimilates, I know that myself from having lived and worked overseas for extended periods of time. You always adapt to the host community, you do not expect it to adapt to you. Sadly in the UK of today that isn’t the case. Mass immigration has meant that enormous migrant populations demand and expect their culture to be recognised, and exceptions to be made for that culture. As ground is given to these migrant communities, ever more demands are made. It is an on-going and relentless process, and over time it chips away at the culture and traditions of the host nation.

The Tottenham Riots of 2011

The UK has always seen inward migration, the most well-known groups being the Huguenots, Protestant refugees from France in the 16th and 17th centuries. They were skilled workers and generally welcomed into the UK. In fact, the word ‘refugee’ first entered the English language with the exodus of Huguenots from France. They were genuine asylum seekers, fleeing fierce Catholic prosecution, and coming to the nearest safe country. They were in that respect most certainly genuine refugees, unlike many so-called refugees arriving in the UK today and claiming to be. I believe there is even a Huguenot family on my own family tree, going back a few centuries.

The other well-known immigrant influx was that of Russian Jews. They came to escape the pogroms and ill treatment during the revolutionary period after WW1. They mostly settled in the East End of London and made quite an impression on that part of the city. Today they have moved on elsewhere, as their economic situation improved, but Jewish areas certainly still exist in London, in neighbourhoods such as Golders Green and Stamford Hill, both Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jewish areas. Reform Jews have settled more widely amongst the population. Once again, these were very much genuine refugees and not economic migrants.

The numbers of Huguenots and Jews whilst significant in numbers, they were not statistically significant in respect to the population as a whole, which was overwhelmingly white British. In fact, right up until 1981, the white British population of the UK was still at 95%. Although in London, the multi-cultural capital city and migrant magnet, it was sitting at around 86%. Of course, those figures do not take account of the very large numbers of illegal immigrants that exist in the ‘black’ economy. Estimates put the figure at well over three million today. It could well be double that.

As already mentioned, 1948 saw the beginnings of something very different, an influx of people from very different cultures, traditions, religions and complexions, and eventually, in vast numbers. So vast that they have changed the very demographics of the nation in a major way, and will continue to do so over the coming decades. In fact, current demographic trends indicate that the white British population will be a minority in the UK around the midway point of this century. It could happen sooner than that. My own children, by the time they are in their early 30’s, will be a minority in their own land. If that does not concern or disturb you, it should do. The lot of a native people who become a minority in their own country is never a happy one.

The 1960’s saw the arrival of a massive wave of migrants from the Indian sub-continent. They had mostly, but not exclusively, arrived to take up work in the textile industries of northern towns such as Bradford and Rochdale. This ethnic group made up 6.9% of the UK population in 2011, which equated to some 4.5 million people. This represented a national demographic increase from a 4.4% share of UK population in 2001. The much delayed results of the 2021 census are sure to indicate further massive growth in those figures. It is akin to watching a slow moving, but totally unstoppable lava flow spread across the land, consuming all in its path.

The immigration figures remained fairly manageable, and the country overwhelmingly white British, right up until 1997. This saw the election of a Labour government that was collectively drinking the Kool-Aid of uncontrolled mass immigration, and opened up the country to the world, especially the third world. Predictably, in flooded the surplus populations from all corners of the third world. It brought with it the unskilled and the criminally inclined. It was far too much for the country to absorb and created yet more enclaves, and drastically reduced the percentage numbers of the white British population. It placed intolerable strains upon housing, infrastructure, GP surgeries, the NHS, schools and the police. It also brought in its wake a rise in crime, and introduced new kinds of crimes to the UK, including people smuggling and modern slavery.

In 2004 the UK was still a member of the European Union (EU). In that year a bloc of Eastern European nations, such as Poland, joined the EU. The UK government, along with Ireland and Sweden allowed the people of those countries to come and work in the UK from day one. Other EU nations imposed a ten year moratorium on the free movement of peoples from those nations. They were later followed by the peoples of Romania and Bulgaria. They came in their millions. Annual net immigration to the UK was being measured in the hundreds of thousands, often well over 350,000. The gross immigration figure was at least double that.

Let us look at our capital city. In 1981, London was 86% white British, by 2011, that had fallen to 44%. That is only 30 years. The much delayed census results for 2021 should finally be released in July. They are expected to show a further sharp fall in the white British percentage in London. Anybody using their eyes and ears is well aware of that. I am expecting the white British grouping to be around 35%. From 86% to 35% in 40 years would be horrific. On a national level, in 1981, the white British population of the UK stood at 95%. In 2011 it was 85%. Predictions for the 2021 census indicate it will be less than 78%. Furthermore, by 2035, predictions are that the majority of school children will be non-white British. By mid-century, the white British will be a minority in their own land. That is deeply disturbing, profoundly shocking and many would even say, treasonous.

The EU referendum in the UK, which took place in 2016, was a major event in this country’s history. Those wishing to remain within the EU were convinced they would win. However, uncontrolled mass immigration, and the rapidly changing demographic of the nation was a big factor in the people deciding they had had enough, and wanted to leave the European Union. The UK finally decoupled from the EU at the beginning of 2020. Since then it has been a story of continual betrayal of the British people by the government. The first shock was that after the government telling the people for years that there were around 3 million EU nationals living and working in the UK, mostly Eastern Europeans, 6 million then applied for settled status, meaning they could continue to live and work in the UK after Brexit. How could the government not know who was in the UK to such an enormous degree? Or had they simply been lying to the British people? No wonder our public and health services were under such terrible strain, if the government genuinely had no clue how many immigrants were living in the UK. Not only is it gross incompetence, it is also a massive security risk. It came as a huge shock to the people of this country, although many suspected they were being duped on the matter of immigration. People are not stupid, and they have eyes and ears.

Every government since 1948 has failed to get a grip on mass immigration

What also came as a huge shock was the fact that during 2020, the year of the COVID 19 pandemic and lockdowns, over 300,000 immigrants entered this country with the right to live and work. Astounding! Mind boggling! Even more of a shock was that during 2021, over one million people, the majority from outside of the EU, were given the right to live and work in the UK, and that does not include the 250,000 family reunification visa’s doled out. Those figures are simply mind blowing. In the UK right now the NHS is falling apart, it is gravely under-staffed and waiting lists are massive. GP’s are under enormous pressure and it is now extremely difficult to get a face-to-face appointment. Dental services are going private, with NHS dentists becoming almost impossible to find in many areas. Schools are over-subscribed, cities are chronically congested and the bill for the welfare state is becoming unaffordable, as so many migrants, many of whom have never contributed a penny into the system, are sucking voraciously from its teat.

Then there is the rise in criminality, much of it instigated by imported criminals who are taking advantage of our overwhelmed and politically correct police service, and the lenient justice system and courts. Cash point crime, street robberies, fraud, prostitution, drug dealing, money laundering, firearm importation, people smuggling and modern slavery are just a few of the specialities of our imported populations, not all of whom have criminal intent of course, many simply want to live off the rather generous welfare state, whilst others may even want to put in a solid days work.

How has all this been allowed to happen? How have a people allowed themselves to be well on the way to becoming a minority in their own land, without any kind of meaningful protest, apart from that 2016 Brexit vote? Obviously the governments, both Labour and Tory, have been relying on the bovine docility of the British public, backed-up with legislation that labels anybody who protests about any aspect of mass immigration as racist, xenophobic or Islamophobic, a word invented by the Muslim Council of Britain to stifle any criticism of Islam, along with the overt indoctrination of children via the education system from Reception to University. I firmly believe that critical mass has now been achieved by the immigrant populations, and we are entering the final phase of the remaking of this nation into something socially fractured and unrecognisable. In my own lifetime I have seen this change occur with an ever increasing momentum, like an interplanetary rocket reaching escape velocity.

Change always happens within a nation state that is simply progress, but unless there is a revolution, as in Russia in 1917, or a severe financial crisis that leads to social unrest, as in Germany post WW1, it usually changes gradually, it evolves. The UK has seen more demographic change since 1997, than it has since the time of Alfred the Great, when England was founded as a nation. It is unsurprising that those of the white British population who can read the runes, are fleeing the cities in what is known as ‘white flight’, not just internally within the UK, but internationally too. For those people who remain in the UK it will only delay the inevitable. Sadly, the UK is not the only Western nation that is exhibiting lemming-like self-destructive tendencies, and before too long, there will be nowhere left to flee to overseas. Unless there is a drastic change in governmental mind-set and policy in the very near future, a change that people are currently unwilling to accept, the demographics of the UK will reach their detrimental conclusion around the year 2050. It may even happen sooner, as previously noted in this article. That will be catastrophic for the future peace and prosperity of the United Kingdom, and for its native populations.

Saturday 25th June 2022

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